Montreal Dinner at Pizzaiolle

So after a work visit this week I decided to go down the street to grab an early dinner instead of heading back to the hotel right away. I considered going to a small micro brew I had gone to a number of times. However, I opted for something new.

I had checked out Pizzaiolle a number of times from the outside but never entered until today. Well, because it was still early in the evening and it was also the first day of spring I walked into a restaurant flooded with natural light.

I sat down and was promptly offered a menu. I could not help but notice homemade gnocchi on the menu. Although I have tried a few gnocchi, as looking for something else. However, I had to first text my buddy EJ who just loves the stuff.

Dinner was simple and delicious. I started with a green salad. It was fresh, tasty and the vinegret was perfect. The service g was also a decent size.

As I caught up on my digital news feeds I noticed that the chosen music was not traditional Italian music. Instead I had to ask my Android assistant to identify the music. It was Can’t Hang On by Body Language. A nice ambient dance tone.

You can’t go wrong with some beer and dance music after work.

For the main course I had a pizza, which was delicious. Paired with Panelli beer. Panelli is brewed in Quebec by the Panelli family with Italian traditions.

I will definitely have to check out Pizzaiolle again on future trips to Montreal

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