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Dave Sampson has been working in the Canadian Federal Public Service since 2006. In May 2017, Dave joined Canada’s Free Agent Pilot at NRCAN. Dave’s job is to network with hiring managers around the Federal Public Service to find cool and interesting projects to work on.

If you are a hiring manager in the Canadian Federal Public Service and are looking for an innovative team player with over 12 years of government experience in the fields of Geomatics, IM/IT, Data management and Open Government then please consider hiring Dave Sampson.

Canada’s Free Agents 101!

Canada’s Free Agents is a new model for workforce mobility that offers indeterminate federal public servants (non-EX or EX equivalents) the autonomy to select work that matches their skills and interests and allows them to make contributions that they find meaningful. It also supports managers looking to rapidly and easily acquire top talent with emerging and core skills in order to support their short-term project needs. Free Agents are deployed at level following a screening process designed to assess empathy, resilience, creativity and teamwork, among other attributes. The pilot is currently made up of public servants from a range of different classifications, language profiles, locations, and backgrounds. Free Agents work on assignments across the public service that vary in length (generally between 6-12 months) and location (any federal department or agency). For more information, you can browse the GCcollab page and read the frequently asked questions! (Source: Canada’s Free Agents GCCollab Group)

Collaborate with Canada’s Free Agents on GCCollab

If you want to learn more about Canada’s Free Agents and are part of the Canadian Federal Government, working for a provincial or territorial government, or a member of the accademic community join the Canada’s Free Agents GCCollab group. GCcollab is “hosted by the Government of Canada, facilitates collaboration between academics, students, Canadian public servants, as well as other key communities” (source: GCCollab Splash Page).


More Information About Canada’s Free Agents

If you do not have access to the GCCollab platform but would like to learn more about the program, Dave does plan to post some blogs about his Free Agent experience from time to time on this site.

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